We need like $1100 to get our currently inop vehicle up and running, ready for a cross-country move, and fit for inspection in Seattle.

We need this car to move, selling it is not an option. I'm already leaving behind a fuckload of furniture when I move.

I am presently in the process of being hired at a FAANG, but I'm not hired yet, and until I am, I'm not being paid. So I got fuck all going on right now on that front.

Anything at all helps, $1, $5, $10, anything.

PayPal: paypal.me/Elizafox
LiberaPay: liberapay.com/Elizafox
CashApp: $TheRealElizafox
Crypto addresses available on request via Coinbase

Abridged version of what all needs to be done btw:

  • Tires
  • Brake lines
  • New bolts for various covers
  • Fog lamps need to be replaced
  • TPMS sensors
  • Bolt for the ABS sensor
  • Airbag has a marginal wire in its harness that needs to be fixed
  • Control board for catalytic converter heater (car will NOT pass emissions without it)

But the car does run, it just won't survive a cross-country trip and definitely won't pass an inspection without this work done.


It sounds like a lot but overall aside from the tires most of the fixes are pretty cheap. We've already done a lot of major work on it (new rotors, new water pump, new timing chain, new suspension in the front and we have the parts for the rear, new control arms, and a lot more that I'm no doubt overlooking that's been done).

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@Elizafox mfw new this new that while i be rollin up thru 280k with original everything

new timing chain why? stretched? they should last forever

@lamp Water pump had to be replaced, which required taking the timing chain off; the timing chain was looking worn, so it was replaced.

@lamp Mind this car had zero periodic maintenance done and it was a fleet vehicle. It has about that many miles.

It's also a Ford.

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